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Spotify, I love you

The day I discovered the wonders of Spotify made me an incredibly happy person. I cannot go a day without listening to music, I have music on when I get up, when I take public transport to my destinations and when I have to kill some time. It’s always there to support me depending on my mood. You know how it goes, some good hard rock or rap for those moments that you feel angry or the total opposite and you want to walk around feeling indestructible. Or the moments when you put your most feel-good songs on because you finally talked to that girl you liked, or things are just going your way for a while. Music is always there to support us.

With the daily complaints of big producers whining about losing millions and millions of dollars, because people illegally download their music, is a bit overreacting, it does feel good that Spotify allows us to listen to (almost) anything for free. It gives me a good feeling as well, that I’m no longer being scorned for using websites such as to get one of your favorite tracks from Youtube. Ever since I went premium and Spotify allows me to download my music even when I’m offline is just pure heaven for me. On top of that, they have amazing playlists for any mood or situation, which is also a great way to discover new music!

The playlists with me are endless, I use lounge music when I wake up, evening commute music when I head back home and Jazz or Classical music while studying or writing. Apart from general playlists, one can also search for even the rarest of songs and be able to find them, I once did a fun search to see if they had “Ain’t that a kick in the head” and they have! They keep amazing me. So Spotify, keep doing what you do cause you’re making us all happy!

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