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Why Paypal is both your pal and your bully

Multiple times I’ve thanked the internet for digital banking, it’s so much easier, faster and without any hassle of normal banking. You don’t require credit cards or cheques, heck, you can even save your information for future, even faster, purchases. With the rise of PayPal and their growing client database it is only safe to say that they made online shopping what it is now. But as you know, while online shopping brings some risks with itself as I talked about before in here for example, yet it is not the only badboy in the digital world. While PayPal’s job is to make online payments much easier and quicker, it is therefore also more dangerous. As I, myself, have fallen prey to this many times, because it is so easy to pay online, you don’t really notice how much you’re actually spending. In contrast to holding actual cash money or creditcards, with PayPal you don’t even see the amount you have left on your bank account usually as it just debits it later. So when you’re not paying attention you could spend a few dollars here and there only to end up with a big pile of debt at the end of the month. PayPal is kind of like a creditcard for everyone, even the ones without the correct responsibilities. broke-lebowski-meme-generator-i-ve-got-four-dollars-almost-five-c6f85dNow don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love Paypal, I think it’s much safer than paying at a physical location without the danger of being robbed or otherwise even losing and/or forgetting your money somewhere in the train. On top of that, with a PayPal account I can literally pay anywhere in the world for most expenses, which I’m doing right now actually while I’m temporarily in Ireland. But it just doesn’t take away the dangers, especially when it’s a lot of micro transactions clumped together on a pile. Also the “save your data for future purchases” always creeps me out, it’s like I leave my bankcard and code at the register at a Walmart so I can easily buy stuff with them the next time I arrive. Something just isn’t right there, way too dangerous to have access to your money in the open like that, not a fan, not a fan. Anyways, I think PayPal has both its good and bad points and it does help with making our world more digital and comfortable. To sum up some funny but quite disturbing (considering the fact we’re talking real money here) happenings regarding Paypal. For example, in 2013 there was a man who actually received $92 quadrillion USD from Paypal! Talk about easy money right there! I mean wouldn’t it be just an amazing feeling to open your Paypal to just check how much you have left to spend and it suddenly shows “$92,233,720,368,547,800”? Wow, kind of reminds of that movie Wanted you know? Unfortunately, the mistake was quickly corrected even though the guy wanted to pay off the US national debt first, what a hero. And if you ever want to read some more stories about Paypal you can always use google to enjoy some hilarious or horrific stories about where Paypal acted as either a hero or a villain! But in the end I have to say, Paypal; I love you, you’ve made my life a lot easier! Would it be a good idea to have more digital banking, even more personalization?


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