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Interstellar, the movie that pushed the Shawshank Redemption off the #1 on my movie list

“Wow” was all I could say last night at 3 a.m. when the credits rolled on the screen. I usually watch emotional movies late at night as not to be disturbed by anyone and with surround sound headphones on for complete immersion. This movie made me feel so many emotions I haven’t felt in a long time when watching a movie. I literally had to wipe away tears during some scenes, and actually sat on the edge of my seat during several tense scenes (I always thought that edge of the seat thing was just a metaphor). I decided to watch it as I noticed Christopher Nolan directed it, and since I already loved his Dark I9XJUeTKnight trilogy as well as Inception, as well as Hans Zimmer providing the soundtrack, I knew this was going to be an intense movie. And I wasn’t wrong about that.

For some of you that haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend you go watch it right now without seeing the trailer, as they usually send out a wrong vibe anyway. If you do continue to read however, I must warn you that there are going to be some spoilers, not major ones, but still. I don’t want to get angry e-mails afterwards if you catch my drift.

So to start, the beginning of the movie begins with an interesting premises right away, the earth is dying and dust is taking over the globe. Big storms of dust destroying every plant on earth leaving only corn for farmers to tend to and use as food. And with food becoming more and more scarce, people are forced to become farmers to sustain the supply of food. So forget about going to medical school, or become a pilot, a farmer’s life is the one you will be directed to. Matthew tumblr_n5ofv5g6Fm1s3y9slo1_500Mcconaughey (Who plays an excellent role by the way) is an ex-pilot and a current corn farmer, living with his two kids and his father, trying to get by. The scenes really sketch a great image of what the earth will eventually turn into, even if we try to slow global warming. And I’m specifically typing ‘slow’ because it cannot be stopped, it is a process that started right after the big bang and the creation of this planet. Cooper (Mcconaughey) is teaching his daughter Murph (Named after Murphy’s law) everything he can about the universe and science to fuel her interests, trying to live a different life than a farmer someday. Some day, in her room, they find a strange anomaly of some sorts, it pulls books to the ground, lays sand particles in straight rows etc. Cooper eventually figures out they are coordinates of some sorts due to use binary code to decipher it, and after a long ride with Murph riding shotgun, they arrive at a facility.

Now this is where the movie actually begins after a good chunk of character creation and connecting you emotionally with Cooper’s life. This facility, led by Dr. Brand, a character played by Michael Cain, is the last remnant of NASA, hiding underground and funded by the government out of sight. And as Cain’s character tells Cooper, the people wouldn’t be happy knowing that the world is investing in space exploration when their own world is barely scraping by. However, Brand adds some wisdom to this decision “We are not meant to save this world, we’re meant to leave it.”. I believe this statement couldn’t be any more true, yes we came here as cells and evolved to what we are now, but this planet is not our home. Yes it housed us for many years, but it is not ours to claim. The earth is telling us that it is time to go, time to live on another world better suited for our current needs. As Dr. Brand explains his intentions to Cooper, he tells him that he needs him to pilot the last spacecraft on earth through a wormhole that appeared near Saturn about 40 years ago. During that time, Dr. Brand has sent several shuttles through this wormhole to find new habitable planets through a project named “Lazarus”. Now, Brand wants Cooper to travel through that same wormhole and go to the planets where the shuttles have sent the thumbs up signal, meaning it is a habitable planet.

What I like about the movie is that creates a nice mix between spaceflight and scenes that are actually planet-side. Unlike the movie “Gravity” which I very much disliked, here in Interstellar they land on these foreign planets, exploring them, finding giphythe shuttles that went before them. Interstellar also poses several topics to think about, such as the fact that time works differently in space. This means that on some planets, 1 hour is 7 years on earth for examples. Also 4th and 5th dimensions are brought to the viewers attention and requires some thinking. This is something I really like about Nolan’s movies, they always make you think about things, not just enjoying an action flick like Taken, but action mixed with intelligence is something that I really enjoy.

During the movie you really start to care even more for Cooper, as his relation with his kids becomes more fragile over time, la_ca_1023_interstellarseeing them only on screen becoming older and older. This enforces Cooper’s survival instinct in eventually returning home and saving the people on earth from a dusty death. With a support cast of Ann Hathaway and even Matt Damon making an appearance the movie becomes very intense and emotional. Oh and did I forget to mention Hans Zimmer made the soundtrack? Yes he did, and it is Oscar worthy. The amazing soundtrack symbolizes mystery, tension and space travel all in one, and once his specific music begins during the visit on the first foreign planet I can guarantee you will sit on the edge of your seat. So I’m not going to write more about the rest of the movie as that will take the mystery away, but please go see this movie and let me know what you think. I for one, will be watching it again tonight. Even having the music on while writing this gives me goosebumps again, it is so amazing.


  1. Traveler

    There is a bit time I am trying to watch this movie and so long as I saw this post, I stopped reading it and I ran away home to finally see this great film. I can´t say yet this movie pushed away Shawshank Redemption of my top list´s movies, but certainly this is one of the greatest masterpiece of the last years and I enjoyed it it a lot. Nice post!

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    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Traveler and leaving your thoughts here! Glad to hear that you liked the film, plus I agree that the Shawshank is a difficult opponent to beat in this case 🙂 It was just that this movie really touched me emotionally, which I hadn’t felt in a long time!

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