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Futuristic Skins for League of Legends

League of Legends has been rising up the ranks ever since gamers started to pick up on it. As a DoTa styled game they have successfully gained the attention of almost any gamer out there. Due to its aesthetically appealing graphics and community engagement, there is a lot of activity both on their website as well as in-game. However, the basic premise of the game is already known to many. The part that I want to talk about is their amazing skill in providing art with the selectable champion skins. These art pieces show up during the loading screen of the game and give the player a unique feeling, due to the fact that not everyone has these skins (they require additional payment).

When League of Legends was very new in the arena, they needed a proper USP, something that set them apart from the already popular DOTA game. What really started to gain traction was their use of skin art, or ‘splash art’, which really highlighted some immersion for the champion that you selected. However, at the beginning the art was fairly mediocre, not bad in any way, but not as impressive as one would expect. Bowmaster_Splash_03

The picture on the right belonged to a champion called “Ashe” and was added for her “Woad Ashe” skin that could be bought in their store back in the early days. As you can see, their skill in art has improved at an incredible rate over the years (see feature photo). Everything from sharpness, to colors, turn the skin art in a true work of art that can be sold as posters, mouse mats, t-shirts, and so on. This is also visible in the gaming community, as people really begin to get excited for the skin art as well. During the loading screen it feels amazing to be able to feature such a high quality piece of art, which you kind of feel that you own.

Some more art from recent champions that have been released, highlight the impressive creativity of their employees:

Akali_Splash_7 B_UNFK4XIAAdnhn Blitzcrank_Splash_11-1024x604 Swain_3

This high quality rendering really set League of Legends apart, and their constant updating of champions, giving them new outfits and skin art, has made the game so enjoyable. It is because people pick a champion they feel connected with, and see them as an extension of themselves. And what is a better feeling than getting new clothes, sound effects, and visuals, while showing of your skill to others in a community of like minded gamers?

Have you ever bought skins for LoL, or do you think it is a waste of money?

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