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Nature Gave Us The Cure For Cancer

I’ve always had my hopes up for this and today it seemed to become a reality. Scientists have had success with their experiments after using the toxin of the Brazilian wasp to destroy cancer cells. The Polybia paulista as it is called officially, uses a toxin to deter and kill it’s prey. This toxin, called MP1, interacts with the lipids (the fats), on the surface of cancer cells. This results in the cells literally ‘breaking open’ allowing them to be destroyed as the molecules needed for sustaining the cancer cells leak out.

The solution to this seems kind logical as well, as cancer cells keep multiplying themselves infinitely until they eventually stop bodily functions in a person. You can kind of interpret this as water balloons piling up in your body. Now this toxin is poking holes in these balloons, causing their contents, water, to leak out and slowly make the balloon disappear. Therefore, scientists now try to use the wasp toxin to weaken the cancer cells, opening them up, and allowing medicinal drugs to go in and take care of them. As if the castle walls finally have a breach, this gives us a chance to enter the cancer cells and destroy them forever. It is a very promising discovery that will hopefully become a reality in a few years after the final tests are done.

While this doesn’t help people currently fighting against cancer, it certainly provides hope for future generations. Which is why I am always amazed at what nature has to offer us, and most of the problems we fight against, mostly offer us a solution by looking at nature. Now we are busy using wasp toxin to battle cancer, back in the day, war tactics were based on defensive mechanisms animals and insects used to employ (Think disguising, decoys, camouflage). As often proven with homeopathy, using very little of something poisonous, sometimes creates a healing effect in the body instead.

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