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Paypal Just Became Even More Lovable !

Paypal has been my best friend, and bully, every since I began to manage my own money in highschool. It is simply one of the most easy-to-use tools there is to transfer money quickly wherever, whenever. Recently it was brought to my attention that Paypal released a big update in which they expanded into a new area of simplistic money transfer. I know, it sounds really vague, but instead let me show you what I mean.

Right now if you visit you can create your own mini website and point of transfer that goes directly into your account. It’s so simple I could sign up with two hands tied behind my back… (Well not really, although I tried, trust me). Once you have an account made you simple send your personal link for example to your clients or friends, and they are instantly taken to the money transfer. No long load times, no adverts, no nothing! It just shows you a simple layout with a logo/pic, the owner’s name, and the amount you want to transfer to him or her.

In such a busy world as this, it becomes very important to save time on every aspect in your life. Sending out this link saves so much valuable time (if seconds are extremely valuable to you) and allow you to take at least a minute or two away from the whole process. For an executive on the go, or a during a busy seminar, this can mean life or death… well, financially I mean. I’m really liking the fact that big companies like PayPal keep innovating and making the consumer process even more comfortable and user friendly.

Paypal has supported me many times, also when I’m working abroad it continues to serve me. With just a few clicks I can manage all my purchase without having the hassle of taking out my credit card, or go through redundant bank websites. Even with disputes, Paypal manages to solve it for me in such a way that I feel very happy with the outcome, leaving the horrible experience of not receiving goods for you money far behind me. This happened once when I tried to buy a gift for my mother’s birthday, and this seemingly professional website just did not respond and only took my money. I took my sorrow to Paypal and sent them a request to check it out, and after a few days I had my money safely back into my account. They have never failed me, and given me proper support when needed. This is what makes their customer retention so professional, the connection they make with their users. Sure, a business always wants to make profit, but with Paypal I have experienced that the customer comes first, not the green stacks of paper.

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