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Now You Run the Beat, Not the Other Way Around

It has a been almost exactly year since I expressed my love for Spotify, and this is a time where I have to do it again. Just this morning when I woke up and launched Spotify on my phone for some waking up music, I was introduced to their new feature “Running”. What it does is, it allows you to go out jogging and the steps you take a minute, say like 160, determine the speed of the music. This is all automatically adaptive, so when you pick up your pace, so does the music. I believe it is an extremely cool thing to have, and it works with other intensive movement as well such as cycling for example.

Actually, I’m going to try it out this morning and see how smooth it works. I just love these new innovative functions that existing apps keep adding, but it is also necessary to keep the attention of the public. It definitely makes things, that are almost becoming a daily chore, interesting and fun again. So let’s dive a bit deeper into this new function, what is it exactly? As with all new products, take a look at the promotional trailer first:

As you can see, before you leave the house or office for some jogging, you start off by engaging in a tempo you like (This only works for Iphone, for Android you set a pace beforehand). Spotify picks up on it and selects music from your playlists or recommended music to match your speed. However, there is also a possibility of using Spotify’s special playlists especially made for this new running function. These special beats adapt themselves to your speed, literally increasing in beats per minute as your increase your steps per minute. For example, you can choose to pick electronic music or a bit more hard stuff from Tiësto, or even cinematic music as if you’re being chased by something!

It is a shame that Android sometimes receives stuff later, but I don’t really mind, I’m an Android/Google fan in heart and soul! Take a look at the Spotify app and their new running function, and let me know what you think. chart

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