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Episode 7, four things that bothered me

Okay so I only recently saw this movie (Yeah I skipped the premiere, sue me) because I already felt a bit hesitant to go see it in the cinema. Something felt off, especially because Disney bought it, and well, you know they will change the entire core of the story. Now I’m not some old dude clinging to the old movies as if they were made from gold, no, I genuinely think it was not that great of a movie. If this movie didn’t carry the Star Wars title it would’ve never gotten an 8 or higher on IMDB. What bothered me most was the repetition of scenes and plot that annoyed me, they have so much story to go on, such a great universe, but they decided to recycle so many things. [SPOILER ALERT] Let me point some points of bother out to you:

Droid hides message and gets found in desert

In the force awakens there was yet again a battle going on, hero of the story gives a message to droid which in turn is sent out to a remote location (desert again?) and gets picked up by random person who just so happens to be key to the story.

AGAIN another death star with the same way of destroying it, in the same battle?

If Disney had any imagination left for this movie, couldn’t they have created some other form of super structure, or ingenious plan for the Sith to take over the galaxy? I mean come on, after building 2 death stars you would think there wouldn’t be a 3rd one.


Poor person from desert planet finds mentor to train them in the Force.

Oh hey look at that, another human with almost little to no money, living the scavenger’s life suddenly is Force sensitive and travels the universe to find a mentor to train them in using the Force. Sounds familiar? Yes, exactly as Luke went to Yoda for training as well as him getting trained by Obi-Wan. You know what would’ve been more interesting, instead of making Luke seem so down and tired at the end, he was a master Jedi and was actually looking for Rey instead.



Killing off Han Solo

This was my biggest annoyance of the whole movie. To me it felt like a big F you from Disney to the Star Wars fans. “Now we’ve taken everything from you so we can replace it with our own cast”. There was no need for unicorn lover Kylo to kill Han, if any, Han would’ve easily killed him. He was a master in avoiding death and had Chewie behind him to back him up. I’m afraid the new episodes will get even worse, or should I say cringe worthy from here on. It’s all hype and media making everyone excited about a concept so destroyed by Disney, it’s not even worth getting excited over anymore.

And with this I end my story, I just had to get this out of my system. Of course I will watch the other movies as they are released, but I have a feeling it will only dig a deeper hole for itself. Star Wars as we know it is over, it is now packed with politically right decisions and current Disney trends, rather than staying true to the core.


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