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Finding Your Purpose

Now I’m going to present something that might seem scary to you, it might depress others, but might also inspire some. This all depends on your personal motivation and dreams, which I find are important in anyone’s life. A dream gives a purpose, and with a purpose, you can reach anything because it gives you the strength to look past the bad things happening to you. What might seem like an endless tunnel of darkness, is no longer a problem for you because with that dream in your mind you created an exit in that tunnel that lets in the light, letting you see the finish line. For people who have no dream, life can seem like your worst enemy, something that only brings death, disease and misfortune. This is why we have dreams and goals, to take us past those obstacles, to create meaning and reach the pinnacle of our own lives. Many people complain about the things in their life and that they aren’t able to do something because of this, or that, but in reality, it all comes down to yourself, everything comes down to your own actions. Some roads are longer and more difficult than others’ but that only makes your reward so much greater!

“I can’t go to college because the government takes all my money” no that’s not true! There is always something you can do to save income and get ready for college, it might not be next week, it might not even be in a few years, but eventually you will make it and save enough money. But it’s your mind that is saying “no, it’s impossible” you are creating restrictions for yourself, saying that you can’t do something. If it was easy, everyone would do it! Why do you think there are successful and less successful people? One can throw in so many excuses, race, finances, age, gender, but it’s not true, there are always options to reach your goals and dreams. Just take 30 minutes of your day, relax on your sofa or bed and close your eyes. Imagine the life that you want to have, do you want a family and a nice house, do you want a good job with responsibility? It is possible, really it is, the problem is, you look too far in the future and you dwell in it. Yes you created a goal, or a dream, but now you see this pile of work in front of you, don’t do that! Don’t dwell in the future! Do you think a building is built by throwing a heap of bricks from one place to another? No, it goes brick by brick, and that is what you must do as well, you take a task out of the many you will need to do and you get started. Look at your progress day by day, look at the things you already completed, not at the things that you still have to do! And every time things are going bad for you, because that will happen trust me, look at your dream again, imagine that life you always wanted and look past your obstacles, even failing is a step forward.

So to come back on my first topic of discussion is that I made a personal countdown timer for myself, which is extremely scary to look at, but it motivates you so well. Right now I’m in my 20’s so I’ll give myself at least 60 more years until my body is worn out from life. But in these 60 years, I will make sure to realize all my dreams and live the life I always wanted. There are 24 hours in a day, so if I have 60 more years that will make up 525.600 hours I have left. It seems like a lot right? But here is the scary part, I get an average sleep cycle of 8 hours a day, meaning 16 hours a day so; 16x365x60 = 350.400 hours left, that is a lot less! Now take off the time that you eat during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, another 3 hours a day average. 13x365x60 = 284.700/24=11.862 days left; so that is just a little more than half my lifetime left that I’m able to work on my dreams! And I’m going to be fair here, there was a time in my life, especially during high school that I had no dream, no goal, I thought life would take me where I was destined to be, but it doesn’t work that way. Without a purpose, one cannot bring up the energy to do anything. I learned from one of my teachers when I asked him “I seriously can’t do this, why not?” and he answered me “You just answered your own question” and with that he meant that I said I cannot do it, so you already set your mind on failing. You have to change your way of thinking, create that dream, create that purpose and receive the motivation to work towards it, no matter the cost, never count the cost, just start working on it!

Check this URL to see the countdown for my life goals, this is mine, what is yours?:

Work on your dreams, so at the end, you can say; yes I lived life on my terms.

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