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Some things are unexplainable, but there might a sense of truth in there we just haven’t found the big picture yet

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The Loch Ness Monster

Widely spoken about, but just like Bigfoot, always remained a mystery to everyone. Is it real, or are we being pranked? While most scientists discard this as a modern day myth, I’d like to quote Adam from the TV show Workaholics on this by saying… Read More

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The 31st of October is closing in which means Halloween! So let’s talk demons and monsters. This one concerns a certain eastern Slavic mythical creature, by the name of the Drekavac “дрекавац”. So let’s begin this piece with an immediate morbid sounding fact; Drekavac’s come… Read More

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Voynich? What’s That?

A reply you will often get when you mention this name, even most history professors are unaware of this mystery. But you must admit, even the title “Voynich” already lights some spark of curiosity within you. However, before you start Googling already, let me give… Read More